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Hysmtih Automotive-7643Hysmith’s Automotive now offers 24/7 Wrecker/Towing Services for Young, Jack and Palo Pinto Counties.  Our staff of courteous professionals is already ready to help you with your towing needs:

  • Wrecker/Towing Assistance – Tow service to the nearest qualified service facility, or to the issuing dealership, or other destination designated by client design.
  • Delivery of Supplies – Emergency supply of gasoline, oil, fluid, and water.
  • Flat Tire Assistance – Assistance to inflate or replace the flat tire with the vehicle’s spare tire.
  • Battery Assistance – Assistance to jump-start the vehicle.
  • Lock-Out Assistance – Assistance of High Tech Tools to allow entry into a vehicle.


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We offer lock out services for just about any car, truck. We have the latest in lockout equipment so we can usually get you back in your car in no time.


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Our tow trucks are equipped with everything we might need to change a flat tire.


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Hysmith’s Automotive tow truck has fuel on it at all times so we can better help serve our customers. We will deliver fuel locally and out on the interstate. We believe in helping our customers get on their way faster.


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We offer jump starts for any car, truck, van, suv. We have jumper cables and jump packs to help you.


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If the battery won’t start your car, you usually refer to it as “dead,” even though that’s not technically correct. A car battery that’s merely discharged – from leaving your headlights on or from a damaged alternator – can be recharged to its full capacity. But a battery that’s at the end of its service life can’t be recharged enough to restore it to a useful power level. Then it truly is dead, and must be replaced.


Our drivers are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we do local (in Young County) and long distance towing(outside Young County). We offer this service for cars, trucks, or Suv. We understand that people need to get home and we are there to help.

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