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We service clients from all over the Lake Country, here is what some have to say…

“Will  come  back   soon   for  another  oil  change. Y’all  were  great  and  I knew I wasn’t being   taken  advantage  of  being  a  woman  and  not knowing  what  the  heck  was going on with  the  jeep. Its  nice to know  there are still a few people out there  who will  be  truthful and  not   just be in it  for the  money.   Thank you to  all  of  you  guys  and  gals..” J. Crabtree

“Ya’ll did a great job and helped my business out. I have told all my friends about yall.” -C. Hatfield

“Hey kids this is a great way to communicate with your customers. You’all did great this time on the Caddy, so pleased to have my car back to normal. Toyota great too, it will be like the Ever ready batteries, just keeps on running for another 200,000. miles!!! Also thanks for the way you treat us. I always feel special when I talk on the phone or come by. TKS again, kids, you’re a GREAT bunch and I recommend you to all my associates and friends. Have a great weekend and God Bless You All.”. -Linda and Rex Hendricks

“Very happy with the service we received. Everyone was very nice and helpful. Gave us a quote and had it fixed in no time. We will use you again.” – S. Joplin

“Great Efficient Service!! Right before leaving on a road trip had a problem with my SUV. Hysmith’s team got me in and taken care of immediately & had a wonderful & safe trip. Definitely recommend to others! Clean Environment, Friendly Knowledgeable staff give me confidence when getting my auto worked on.” -K.Lansing

“What keeps us coming back is your honestly good people you really care about the family that drives the cars your repairing, you guys have been really good to us , you care about your work I’ve commented when I get the courtesy call about my cars appt it feels like my car is going to the doctor its well taken care of your slogan is true good prices in a Christian environment keep up the great job you guys :)”

– R. Denton

“I like that I get free roadside assistance just because I take my vehicle there. Makes me feel better about my wife being on the road by herself should something happen.”

-J. Hawkins

“William has done a great job taking care of my 2003 Toyota Camry. Let him keep you running on all cylinders too.”

– B. O’Dell

“A great place to have your car worked on. Honest…will tell you what is really …wrong with your vehicle.

Not anything extra to make money. Very friendly too!”

– T. Potter

“I agree you guys are GREAT and are the ONLY ones I want working on my cars!!!!”

– V. Dunn

“A Special THANK YOU to the men at Hysmith Automotive and Truck Repair for noticing my tires had been put on backwards and for also realizing that my oil was a quart low (and I’ve only had my car for less than 2 months and the dealership (Dallas) changed my oil and put my tires on…hmmmm)” – J. Hankins

“Taking my ’10 Dodge truck to Hysmith this morning to get air lifts put on.  These diy projects always come out better when you let people with knowlegde and proper tools and equipment do it for you.  Hysmith Automotive will get the job done right and at a fair price.” – M. Sipes

“Yall are awesome!!!!” – A. Coyac